Welcome to Little Wonders!

The beginning of each school year brings much excitement. First-time families wonder how everything works and how their children will respond to this environment. Returning families may worry about juggling schedules with other siblings. On top of all this are the general challenges of the parenting journey!

Our staff and board members have worked hard over the summer getting ready for this coming year. I’d like to welcome back our tiny but mighty staff, Teachers Suzanne and Maggie, whom I feel so blessed to collaborate and teach with. Welcome to our new group of board members, as well. These dedicated and enthusiastic parents face the challenge of continually enhancing the Little Wonders experience, and their efforts are very much appreciated.

Out of a strong desire for inclusiveness and community, our Board and Staff have chosen the theme of “Creating a Culture of Kindness” for this school year. Aristotle taught this concept centuries ago, “We become good by doing good.” It seems this is a real struggle in today's culture. As a parent, I have struggled with how to encourage good character traits in my own children and now here at Little Wonders we have parents of very young children questioning how to help their little ones develop kindness and other moral traits. We hope to explore how to become good “character coaches,” starting with our classroom communities, emanating into our families and the greater community. We are our children’s first and potentially most powerful character educators, and we look forward to infusing our already rich curriculum with even more great strategies for your toolbox that will help you support your children’s overall development and create a culture of kindness and respect that will make our world a better place.

Mireille McKee

Program Director