Our Teachers

Our Little Wonders teachers bring personal and professional experience to each class they lead, along with a passion and love for their role as teacher, guide, role model, facilitator and friend to each Little Wonders family. 


Mireille McKee, Director & Teacher

“I feel privileged to begin my 25th year as a Teacher here at Little Wonders and 20th year as Program Director. Having been a preschool teacher since the mid-1970's, I've always been passionate about working with children, and watched that passion grow to encompass the support of parents and families. Almost four decades later, I still wake each day feeling fortunate and excited to work with and support so many amazing families. My spirit is sustained by the community as we play, address challenges, and grow together; the smiles and hugs continue to bring me happiness and fulfillment. My husband of 37 years, Tom, and I have shared the journey of parenthood and are blessed to have created a supportive community within our neighborhood and among our friends. We are grateful that our children, Justin (34) in NYC, and Kristin (31) in DC have grown into compassionate, honest, socially and environmentally-conscious adults, and continue to inspire us to become better people. We’ve filled the void of the empty nest by becoming the neighborhood dog sitters and are fortunate that our dog, Scout, enjoys sharing her home with so many other furry friends! Traveling, enjoying the mountains and ocean, gardening, cooking and sharing meals filled with lively discussion between friends and neighbors continue to bring us much joy and contentment. I look forward to my final year here at Little Wonders, filled with fun, smiles, supporting one another and helping to build community through play!”

- Teacher Mireille


Suzanne Zaino, Teacher

“At the beginning of my 16th year as a teacher of the babies, one-, two- and three-year olds, it is always rewarding to be able to tell people that I love my job every day because I get to experience the growth, delights and laughter of the little ones and inclusion in people’s families. I recognize that raising children takes more than just the parents – both parents and children need other family and friends actively in their lives. I am passionate about being one of those other people in your lives. My children are growing up quickly – Alexa (21) is starting her final year at the University of San Diego & decided to become an Occupational Therapist and Ben (19) thrives as a sophomore studying engineering at Northeastern in Boston. Despite living in 3 different cities, we travelled together to London for my niece’s wedding and to Kauai – our favorite home away from home. Chris & I have thrown in trips to visit the East coast and San Diego as well. To fill in my time once dominated by my children, I started coaching parents outside of LW last January. Over the years, learning about personality types, temperament and gender has greatly increased my ability to understand myself, the other members of my family and the dynamics that we create when we are together. I am looking forward to sharing that passion and continuing to get to know all of my families this year!”

- Teacher Suzanne



Maggie Ball, Teacher

“I am entering my 11th year at Little Wonders, the first four of those years I was a parent participant with my children. I began the program with my son Charlie (11.5 years old) and then attended with my daughter Julia (10 years old). Our littlest wonder Emily (6 years) also attended while I continued to teach. After being impressed and grateful to the Little Wonders teachers and community, I joined the amazing staff. Being a teacher and former co-op parent has provided me with an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with new parents while I continue to develop my skills and my knowledge with my own children. Sharing in the joys and challenges of parenting in a supportive environment has had such a positive impact on our family. I hope to enable young families to create the same supportive community. Understanding child development in order to have reasonable expectations has been invaluable and that is something I look forward to sharing with parents! My husband, Jeff, and I treasure all that we have learned and experienced from Little Wonders. We have gained so much from the community as well. Throughout these years, the incredible families from Little Wonders who continually fill our hearts and share in the parenting joys have been our village. I look forward to sharing in another year of learning, playing and growing with our families here at Little Wonders.”

- Teacher Maggie