Parents’ Favorite Tips

In July we shared some favorite articles of our Little Wonders parents.  For our final post in this series we’re sharing favorite tips and tricks our parents mentioned during our last discussion of the 2017-2018 school year.  

Here is the list!

  • Make masking tape your best friend, it can be used anywhere and anytime. Some examples: ripping, sticking, and tearing while on a plane or somewhere where children need to be confined. Makes great race tracks or roads for little cars and trucks. Great to help teach boundaries.

  • Warnings and choices can truly help with transitions.  “We are going to leave in a bit, so pick one more thing you want to do before leaving” or “we are going to leave the park now, do you want to carry the lunch bags or my keys?”.

  • Notice and encourage curiosity.  One of my favorite ways is through cooking. The learning tower is useful tool!

  • When early in potty training, use sticky notes over sensors on public toilets so kids don’t get scared at the flushing sound when they get up from toilet.

  • Remember to wait a bit when asking children to do things. It takes 15 seconds or longer for a child to process and action a request. Be patient!

  • Let people help you -- it is not a sign of weakness and allows others to feel good by helping.

  • Take a few minutes of time for yourself when your child is pushing your limits. Learning to stay calm and not get upset at your child will go a long way.

  • Get on your child’s level. This removes the power over issue and helps you connect with your child when you need to correct him/her. Connect then redirect.

  • Understanding that each child is unique.

  • Find your community - the people who support you and lift you up.

We hope you’ve found a new favorite article, tip, book, etc from the last few posts.  We are so happy that you have started your parenting journey with Little Wonders and that we are a part of your community.