Introducing the 2018-2019 Blog Team!

The new school year has started and the Little Wonders blog team is busy researching topics and writing new posts. Here is a little about each of the writers you’ll be hearing from over the next 8 months.


Daisy is a work-from-home mom, trying to juggle all things. She is blessed with two kids: Sean, aged three; and Daphne, aged one. Sean is a cheerful, content guy who makes anything into a toy. He plays with the same thing in a million different ways. Daphne is an active, ambitious girl who can not quite walk yet, but definitely climbs. Though she can not talk, she is capable of expressing herself until she gets what she wants!

On weekends, the family enjoys a myriad of activities including soccer, Little Gym, playing at the park, going to museums, community events, visiting friends, church, cooking, and eating out. Her family is new to Little Wonders and is looking forward to Daphne coming out of her shell and feeling comfortable meeting new friends. Daisy herself looks forward to spending time with old and new friends alike. She could not have made it through the parenting journey without friends, and hopes to be such an encouragement to others.


Daphne and her husband Jordan recently welcomed their son Spencer to their family at the end of August. They have been settling into life with a newborn and parenting two kids under the age of two. Their first-born, Penelope Lee, is twenty months old.

They are a returning family to Little Wonders, having started at the beginning of this year in Teacher Mireille's Spring class, and continuing in her Summer Class. Now they are back for a full year starting this Fall. The changes to the family have been a little crazy, but Daphne is grateful for the Little Wonders family and the advice and support she has received from the community. She has seen her daughter grow and blossom and she looks forward to seeing this with her son too!


Fiona has two energetic and sweet boys: Julian will soon be four years old, while Alan is almost eighteen months. She enjoys learning about parenting and reading related topics. Thus she likes to share what she learns from others and her experiences with her two boys. In her spare time--usually after the kids are asleep--she enjoys reading and watching movies of the mystery genre. She also loves yoga and Barre exercise.


Elisa joins Little Wonders with her first child, Andy. She and her husband are excited to meet other parents and children in the area and are especially excited to join the Little Wonders family. When not at work, Elisa can be found with her husband and son - possibly hiking, walking around the neighborhood, at a park with their dog, or at an activity with one of her seven nieces or nephews - all who live within blocks of each other. If she has any free time on top of that, then you might find Elisa swimming, baking, or reading. She is looking forward to connecting with other parents and having the time with Andy at Little Wonders.

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