Halloween Party

Special thanks to our FABULOUS Halloween Co-Chairs, Tina Truong and Lisa Morse, and their Halloween committee team. We'd also like to thank Margot du Manoir and the Halloween Food and Beverage Team. This was an incredible team effort and together they managed to pull off an EXCELLENT event! Mina Fisher and Susan Kuo once again at the helm helped to coordinate not only a fun event but some very successful fundraising.

A VERY special shout out to Tina's dad, Bill Pastorelli, who was very instrumental in the transport of all Halloween Supplies both from our storage unit to the school as well as from the school back to storage. His help was incredibly valuable and we are very grateful!

We also want to acknowledge all the behind the scenes work done by our treasurer team, payments and invoice team. There has been a great deal of time and work that most don't see but that we could not function without and are grateful to you all...Amy Connors,Rose Yeun, Amy Radovich, Eva Kam, Ava Campos,Stacy Oswalt and Tatiyana Akers.

Check out photos from the Halloween party by following this link. You will be redirected to Shutterfly and can access the photos. See the announcements email for passwords. You are welcome to download and share the images. If you print any photos on Shutterfly Little Wonders will receive 10% of your purchase as a fundraising donation

This year's families were voted MOST CREATIVE by the staff and we appreciate YOUR efforts and generosity. THANK YOU!

Defining Your Village

You have heard it said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This ancient African proverb has been famously used by school teachers, politicians, spiritual leaders, and parents. But what does it mean? For starters, it implies that it requires more than two parents to equip a child with the competence, character, and self-sufficiency required for a child to grow into a human being who can meet his or her own needs and contribute to society. It also suggests that we are wired to live in communities and that intergenerational relationships within and outside the family are needed for productive child-rearing. Raising a child is a communal effort.

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