Welcome to Little Wonders Fall 2019!

LW 2019 theme version 1 (no LW).jpg

September has rolled around quickly! I'd like to welcome all new and returning families to Little Wonders by introducing this year’s theme: Building Community Through Play. The board and staff are excited to explore how we can build community through the different aspects of play. Both are such integral parts of what makes Little Wonders magical, and we encourage everyone to take part in that magic. 


I’d like to welcome back our tiny but mighty staff, teachers Suzanne and Maggie, with whom I feel so blessed to collaborate and teach. I am also excited to have a full board of dedicated and energetic parents who continuously rise to the task of enhancing this program and making it the best it can be. The Little Wonders volunteer board is the foundation of our parent volunteer community, and their efforts and time are very much appreciated. All the parents in our Little Wonders community contribute what they can, which creates the "magic" we share.

The staff and I look forward to creating a safe space within each class and fostering a true sense of community among both parents and children. For parents, being able to safely share and support one another along this ever-changing journey builds camaraderie and community. For children, a very positive play environment allows them to safely grow and learn. As Mr. Rogers said, "play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning," and because these early years are filled with so much learning, so should they be filled with plenty of play! The synergy of Little Wonders parents and children together creates great opportunities for play and benefits everyone.

I look forward to this year and building relationships that will support the growth of our community, along with encouraging the vital importance of play for all of us!!! Play is truly a necessity. It was a wise person who said, "we don't stop playing because we get old, we get old when we stop playing." Let's all continue to play and remain young!

Mireile McKee, Director & Teacher