Goodbye from the 2017 Blog Team!

Classes have finished for the summer and some of us—myself included—are saying goodbye to Little Wonders. We started at Little Wonders with the Baby Play class when my son Robbie was 10 months old. I had been looking for an activity we could do together that would be fulfilling for us both and as soon as we walked in to Little Wonders, I knew we had found the right spot.  I can still remember our Preview session when Robbie crawled right out of my arms and started playing on the floor, he knew right away as well that Little Wonders was the place for him. Mireille likewise knew we were in the right spot (as usual) and got us signed up right away. Connecting with her and all of the other amazing teachers has been such an amazing introduction into the world of childhood education from the parent side of things. We truly have the best teachers around! In the 2.5 years we've been a part of the Little Wonders community we have found such a welcoming and supportive community, where we've made so many friendships that I know will last as we move on to full-time preschool.

This year was my first on the Board, serving as Publicity Chair, and helping to transition Little Wonders to our fabulous new website and blog format. It was such a rewarding experience to be a part of the Board and to help guide our school and community, I highly recommend it! I would like to personally thank my blog team for providing such wonderful and creative articles throughout the year. And thank you all for reading! I look forward to seeing what Ika and the new team of writers do next year! 

Lisa Mumbach, Publicity Chair

Time flies when you are having fun; I can't believe the school year is already coming to a close!  If feels like it was not that long ago that we embarked on our Little Wonders Journey and looking back it is amazing to see the amount of mental and physical development that has happened in such a short span of time.  It has been a blessing to be part of such a supportive community to help navigate this season of toddlerhood.  From discussing nurturing ourselves, to taking risks and the challenges of potty training, I have learned so much from me fellow mama's as well as the patient and gracious teachers here at Little Wonders-- which I am so grateful for. We are aging out this year, and while we are sad to leave Little Wonders we look forward to having some fun over the summer session and staying connected through alumni events and future play-dates with all our little friends.  

Love & Gratitude, Crystal Adams

Hard to believe the school year is already drawing to a close until I look at photos of my Little Wonder on his first day of school and compare to his last! We’ve grown so much over the past several months, and have felt so supported and loved within the Little Wonders community. Thanks to all of the wonderful teachers, parents, and especially outgoing parents for your wisdom, advice, and shoulders to lean on. We’re looking forward to a sun and fun filled Summer session, and another year of building and learning come Fall!

Susan Schmidt

Wrapping up my first year at Little Wonders, I am amazed at how far we have come since September. When my daughter and I rolled in to our first Monday morning class, we were one frazzled mama and a cruising baby. I hardly knew what we had even signed up for -- I just knew that EVERYONE I talked to seemed to be in love with this "Little Wonders" place, so I should probably try it out. Looking around the classroom and discussion table those first couple of sessions, I quickly started to understand. Here I saw more parents and babies just trying to navigate the huge changes that come around that first birthday, each one grappling with the possibility of increased independence -- or not, depending on the day of the week. And grapple we did! Now this same class is full of toddlers who run, climb, talk, and even LISTEN...and a group of parents who just seem so much less stressed than we did at the beginning of the year. Personally, I am grateful for the shared joys and concerns at discussion ("thank goodness that isn't only happening in my house!!"), the connections with those other moms and dads, and the "aha!" moments for simple things like easy snack foods (CORN ON THE COB!). I can't wait to see what next year at Little Wonders brings! (Look for us in the Wednesday evening class!)

Elizabeth Euresti