A message from Mireille

Welcome to the new and improved Little Wonders website! We are almost 2 months into our fall 2016 school year and our tech team led by Jessica Yang has been very hard at work. We are all very grateful for their expertise, time and creativity at getting this website launched so quickly. 

Little Wonders is an amazing community of parents, all of which help to run this school. Our awesome tech team has taken on the task of revamping our website so all our current families along with those looking in to Little Wonders will enjoy an easy to use, mobile friendly, and easily accessible website.

For those of you checking us out we hope you enjoy the sight and can get all the information you need. Little Wonders does have spaces for children who were 3 months to 3 years as of September 1st, 2016 so please do think about joining our community. Check out the class information and the class schedule to see where you and your child might fit best.  

Our staff and board have chosen the theme, “Keeping Families Connected” and we are well underway with building our classroom communities and connecting families as well as facilitating discussions that will help keep your own family units well connected. 

This parenting journey is filled with amazing adventures along with bumps in the road and challenging detours and we are so grateful to be here to support you all. 

Parenthood is a life-changing process that continues throughout a lifetime. This travel through parenthood not only shapes our children’s lives but also redefines ours. My hope is that we take advantage of all the opportunities at Little Wonders to openly discuss experiences, joys, and concerns. There certainly is a bond of common understanding experienced by parents who are going through similar stages of parenthood. I hope your time here can be both tremendously supportive as well as helpfully enlightening as you navigate this most important journey.

With our new website in place we hope to facilitate many more conversations that will help support and keep you all connected.