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Nutritious Cooking For and with Kids 

Thank you all for attending my class. I've attached the recipe handouts, a handout on cooking with your kids -- we didn't get to talk about that at all due to all the other topics you wanted to discuss, some research on nuts and when to introduce them and an article on raising your child vegetarian. A wonderful parent passed along the peanut information -- thank you! There are so many ways this class goes each year and it is completely dependent upon who comes and what they want to know!

Thank you again. If you have not turned in the evaluation, please complete it and put in my box at school.



Preschool:  Why, When and Where?

The decision to send a child to preschool can be fraught with questions: when should I send them, where should I send them, what should look for, etc... Parents with younger children easily get swept up in the frenzy of feeling they need to make a decision often earlier than necessary. Not every child is ready for preschool at the same age. Nor is every family suited to the same type of programs. The issue of preschool has become unnecessarily stressful for parents of young children.


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