What Parents Are Saying About Little Wonders

Working Parents

“Come to Little Wonders to play, learn and grow with your precious little one with a group of supportive working parents. This is a great place to unwind from work and just play!”

“As working parents, we wanted something “doable” we could commit to. We found Little Wonders to be a co-op that working parents can participate in and get some special time with their child. There have been lots of others great benefits too.”

Stay-At-Home Parents

Expand you and your little one's social circles by joining the supportive community at Little Wonders! It's 2 hours each week of playing and learning alongside parents and toddlers. This is our ‘village’.”

Parents of 2nd or 3rd Child With Older Children

“Parents have come back to Little Wonders with each of their children during these precious early years. Every child is different and Little Wonders nurtures budding friendships for the littles and their parents.”

1st Time Parents

“Babies don't come with a user's manual and parenthood is the ultimate equalizer. Come to Little Wonders to get guidance from experienced, compassionate teachers and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow 1st timers.”

Older 1st Time Parents / 40’s

“Parenthood is the ultimate equalizer and you are not alone. Little Wonders is a community rich with families of all ages and experience levels - come see what it’s about. You'll love it!”

Other Parents

“It’s a great place to connect with parents whose children are the same age and going through the same stages.”

“There is a great play area, both inside and outside, that allows children to play and discover in an age-appropriate way. It challenges them with physical and mental development in a safe environment, which helps them gain confidence.”

“The structured discussions are designed to support parents and discuss issues and concerns in a non-judgmental environment.”

“Little Wonders provides ample resources for parents! A library, access to classes such as CPR and cooking, and more.”

“I value the knowledge the teachers possess as well as their willingness to share their own experiences (good and challenging). This makes the environment feel very safe and accessible.”

“I value the support of other parents who are in a similar developmental time as we are and we can learn from each other in a positive space.”

“The lessons that the children learn through play and interacting with each other in an understanding and nurturing environment is invaluable to their development.”

“It’s a lifelong community of friends forged through the most intensive times of the parenting journey.”

“It’s a community for parents to learn and be supported as much as it is a place for children to grow and explore.”

“Little Wonders is the parenting guidebook/playbook that your child didn’t come with.”

Little Wonders is a play-based, parent-participation co-op for parents and children ages 3-36 months.