Fees & Tuition 

Standard Class -
30 Classes
Baby Play (Fall or Spring) -
12 Classes
Alumni Class
6 Classes
7 Classes
Singleton Multiples Singleton or Multiples Singleton, Multiples, and Baby Play as noted
Registration Fee (non-refundable) $80 $80 $40/session $80 $40
Total Tuition $1,140 $1,710 $300 $240 $280 (Singleton)
$420 (Multiples)
$175 (Baby Play)
Non-Refundable School Year Tuition Deposit
(applies after Sept 1)*
$200 $300 n/a n/a n/a
Due By** August 1 Start of Class August 1 At time of registration
Refund Deadlines Prorated refunds available until March 1, excluding tuition deposit Refunds for remaining classes available Full refund available until October 1 Full refund available until June 1
for singleton & multiples; Refunds for remaining classes available for Baby Play

* School Year Tuition is fully refundable until September 1. After September 1, $200 of singleton tuition and $300 of multiples tuition becomes a non-refundable deposit.

**$100 non-refundable late fee will be charged after August 31 for unpaid School Year tuition.  For enrollment after August 31,  late fee will be charged for unpaid tuition 30 days after attendance of first class

***Sibling discount - For a family registering two (non-multiple) children for two separate School Year Standard Classes, or a family registering the same child for two different School Year Standard Classes, there will be a 10% discount applied to the second tuition amount. Discount does not apply to Summer Session, Baby Play Classes or Alumni Class.

Little Wonders offers limited financial aid - contact president@littlewonders.org for more information. 

School Year Registration & Tuition

Registration Fee (non-refundable)

Payment must be received before Registration is processed.

  • Standard Class (September - May), singleton or multiples - $80  

  • Baby Play Class, singleton or multiples (Fall or Spring) - $40 per semester

  • Alumni Class - $80


Buyout Fees

  • School Wash Buyout - Due before assigned School Wash date - $175

  • School Job Buyout - After approval is granted, pay fee by August 31 - $550


The School Year tuition is due by August 1st for Standard Classes and Alumni Class, and will be invoiced once class confirmation is sent to the family.  School Year Baby Play tuition is due by the first class.

Families who join after the start of classes will be invoiced for the prorated amount based on their start date.  Prorated tuition payments are due within 30 days of registration and prior to attending your first class.

  • Standard Class (September - May)

    • Singleton - $1,140

    • Multiples - $1,710

  • Baby Play Class

    • Singleton or multiples (Fall or Spring) - $300 (Refunds for remaining classes are available)

  • Alumni Class - $240

Summer Registration & Tuition 

Non refundable registration fee of $40 and tuition are due in full at the time of registration.  

Prorated tuition is available based on start date if family starts after the first class.

  • $280 (singleton) | $420 (multiples, or singleton and sibling in same class)

    • Fully refundable until June 1; no refunds after June 1

    • Note: Non-multiple sibling attendance in the same class requires director approval, before they will be accepted into the class

  • $175 (baby play)

    • Fully refundable until the start of class

    • Refunds given for remaining classes following drop date