Fees & Tuition 

Standard Class -
30 Classes
Baby Play (Fall or Spring) -
12 Classes
Alumni Class
6 Classes
7 Classes
Singleton Multiples Singleton or Multiples
Registration Fee (non-refundable) $60 $60 $30/session $60 $35
Total Tuition $960 $1440 $240 $210 $224
Tuition Deposit (non-refundable) $200 $300 n/a n/a n/a
Tuition Balance $760 $1140 n/a n/a n/a
Due By* August 1 Start of Class August 1 Start of Class
Refund Deadlines March 1 Refunds for remaining classes available October 15

*$100 non-refundable late fee will be charged after August 31 for unpaid tuition.  For enrollment after August 31, a late fee will be charged for unpaid tuition 30 days after attendance of first class

** Sibling discount - For a family registering two (non-multiple) children for two separate classes, or a family registering the same child for two different classes, there will be a 10% discount applied to the second tuition amount.

Little Wonders offers limited financial aid - contact president@littlewonders.org for more information. 

School Year Registration & Tuition


The tuition balance is due by August 1st.  Families who join mid-year will be invoiced for the prorated amount based on their start date.  
Prorated tuition payments are due within 30 days of registration.

  • Standard Class (September - May)

    • Singleton - $960

    • Multiples - $1440

  • Baby Play Class

    • Singleton or multiples (Fall or Spring) - $240  (Refunds for remaining classes are available)

  • Alumni Class - $200

Registration Fee (non-refundable)

Payment must be received before Registration is processed.

  • Standard Class (September - May), singleton or multiples - $60  

  • Baby Play Class, singleton or multiples (Fall or Spring) - $30 per semester

  • Alumni Class - $60


Buyout Fees

  • School Wash Buyout - Due before assigned School Wash date - $150

  • School Job Buyout - After approval is granted, pay fee by August 31 - $500


Summer Registration & Tuition 

Non refundable registration fee of $35 and Tuition due in full at the time of registration.  

Prorated tuition is available based on start date if family starts after the first class.

  • $224 (singleton) | $324 (multiples, or singleton and sibling in same class) 
    • Fully refundable until June 1; no refunds after June 1
    • Note: Non-multiple sibling attendance in the same class requires director approval, before they will be accepted into the class
  • $140 (baby play) 
    • Fully refundable until the start of class
    • Refunds given for remaining classes following drop date