Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQs

  1. When is registration? 
    Applications for the upcoming School Year and Summer Session are accepted beginning April 1st. Registration priority and timeline process below.

  2. How can I register?
    For the upcoming School Year and Summer Session are available online starting April 1. Please visit the Registration page to learn more. If you have any questions regarding the registration process, contact the registrar for more information.

  3. Can I register for the second semester?
    The school does not have an official second-semester registration period. You can still sign up after the school year has begun. Contact the school at (650) 348-0736 or email for more information. Please note that the non-refundable registration fee still applies to mid-year applications.

  4. If my child attended Summer Term, are they considered a returning family for the next year’s registration?
    No. Returning families are only those families that have had a child previously enrolled in a Little Wonders Standard Class in School Year Term and fully participated in the Coop.

  5. How much does Little Wonders cost?
    Please see our Fees & Tuition page for information. Tuition is prorated if a family joins mid-year.

  6. Are there any payment plan options or scholarships available?
    Yes. Payment plans as well as partial and full scholarships are available for tuition payments. Please email the Board President or call (650) 348-0736 for more information.

  7. Is the registration fee refundable?
    No. This is a non-refundable fee which covers registration costs. All enrolled families must pay this fee, including those on the wait list.

  8. If I start the program and need to withdraw, is my tuition refundable?
    School Year - All families must notify the Registrar of their intent to withdraw. Based on the date of your withdrawal, you may be required to complete your co-op obligations including your Annual Job and Super School Wash. Tuition deposits are non-refundable, and the remaining tuition will be prorated based on your withdrawal date and completion of coop requirements. Refunds are not contingent on filling your space in class. No tuition will be refunded after March 1st. 
    Summer Term - If withdrawing before the start of the Summer Term, families must notify the Registrar of their intent to withdraw. Tuition is refundable up to June 1st, however the Registration Fee is non-refundable. No refunds will be given after June 1st.

  9. If I have twins or two children in the program, do I take more than one job and pay two fees?
    If the parent/child(ren)/twins are enrolled in the same class, there is one registration fee, one school wash requirement, and one job requirement.  Please refer to the Fees & Tuition page for details.  
    If a parent enrolls in two different classes with two different children, there will be two registration fees collected as this is treated as two different registrations.  Sibling discounts will be applied for a family registering two (non-multiple) children for two separate classes. We do give the family a break and only require participation in one school wash. However, we do ask that the parent considers taking on a pre-registration job or a standard job with some additional volunteer hours. 

  10. Can I register my child in more than one class?
    Families interested in registering for more than one class for their child may sign up for one class during the registration period in April, then may submit a separate application for the additional class after May 1st. The second application will place the family on the wait-list for the second class. If there are openings in the second class as of August 31st, the family may be enrolled in the additional class. Each family that registers a child for more than one class will pay a registration fee per class, be required to perform only one school wash, and is requested to take on a Pre-Registration Job, or take a Standard Job plus volunteer some extra hours at the school throughout the year. Tuition for the second class will be discounted by 10%.

  11. Are the School Year and Summer Session registrations related?
    No. The School Year registration process and the Summer Session registration process and registration forms are completely separate. Registration for both sessions opens on April 1. School Year registration Priority and Timeline are described in more detail on the Registration page. Summer Session registration is handled on a first-come, first-serve priority basis.

  12. Registration Priority and Timeline:
    Starting on May 1, class assignment priority will be given to Board Members and Pre-Registration Job holders., followed by returning families, and then new families based on the timestamp of the registration form submission.  Lottery will be held for any class with more registrants than spots as of May 1.  Non Pre-Registration Job assignments will be made on registration.  Rolling admissions continue after May 1 based on class availability.  

Classroom FAQs

  1. Who can enroll at Little Wonders?
    For the Baby Play Class, parents with children 3 to 8 months old.
    For the Standard Classes, parents with children 9 to 36 months old as of September 1st of each school year.
    For the Alumni Class, parents of children 3-5 years of age.

  2. Can I enroll my child in a class outside of her age group? She has an older sibling and is very advanced.
    We cannot accommodate requests to schedule a child outside of their age cohort. Classes are grouped by age to account for the usual stages of development, including nap times. This strategy keeps the discussion topics age-appropriate and highly relevant to the entire group.

  3. When is the School Year and how long does it last?
    School Year classes start the 3rd week in September and run through the end of May. With holidays during the year, there are 30 weekday classes. Note: Each class will have a required night orientation during the first two weeks in September.

  4. When is the Summer Term and how long does it last?
    Summer session starts in the middle of June and lasts seven weeks.

  5. Can I start classes in the middle of the School Year or after the Summer Term has begun?
    Yes, if space becomes available. Contact the school at (650) 348-0736 or schedule a visit.

  6. What happens during class time each week?
    During class time each week, children get a chance to explore a very “yes” environment, play and socialize. Parents rotate between being responsible for a  Teaching station in which they interact with children in a specific area of the classroom and participating in a teacher-facilitated discussion.

  7. What are my co-op obligations outside of the classroom?
    School Year - See the Standard Class Co-Op requirements .  
    Summer Term - There are no co-op obligations of Summer Term families outside of the classroom, and no required night classes for returning families. However, all new families must attend an adult-only orientation in early June.

  8. Are there any parent education classes outside of the classroom?
    School Year - Yes, we offer optional parenting classes in the evenings. Topics, times and locations vary and are posted in the classroom in advance.
    Summer Term - There are no evening parent education classes sponsored by Little Wonders offered during the Summer Term.

  9. Can I visit before applying?
    We require all interested new families to visit the school prior to submitting an application. Visits can be set up by filling out this form.

TB Testing FAQs

  1. Can I start school without my TB forms completed?
    No one may start school without the Parent's Medical (TB Clearance) Form completed. This is a State law.

  2. Where does an adult get a TB test?
    Your doctor's office or a CVS Minute Clinic. .

  3. My TB test came out positive, what do I do?
    See link to TB FAQ’s

  4. I’m pregnant or nursing and can’t take the TB test. What do I do?
    See link to TB FAQ's