Co-Op Requirements


Little Wonders is a parent co-operative program. Your active participation is necessary for smooth operation of our program and school.

Attendance requirements:

  • Regular attendance of the parent or family member is necessary.
  • Paid caregivers are welcome to attend with you and your child. Paid caregivers may only attend without you three (3) times per semester.
  • If you need to miss a class on a day you are scheduled to supervise a station, it is your responsibility to ensure another parent covers your station.
  • Each parent or family member attending class more than three (3) times a year must have a completed TB Clearance Form on file. This and all other required forms must be submitted before attending class.

Please remember that your attendance allows you and your child to benefit from the school and helps you ensure the safety of the children.


Our Little Wonders families play an active and critical role in the success of our school.  Each family (with the exception of those enrolled in our Alumni Class or Baby Play Class) needs to fulfill the following requirements.

Job and participation requirements:

  • Perform a job for the school. See our Jobs page for full descriptions of the roles. A full buy-out option is available, as are partial buy-out options.
  • Help maintain school facilities by participating in a School Wash (two hours, one Saturday per year). A buy-out option is available.
  • Attend three required night events:
    1. Orientation Meeting (September)
    2. Parent Education Get-Together Meeting (November)
    3. All-School Meeting (February)
  • Take responsibility for a play station (e.g., art, dress-up, bouncer, sand) every other week, and bring in food for the class (children & adults) 1-2 times during the school year.
  • Clean up after class for 10-15 minutes about seven times a year.

See all Job descriptions