Little Wonders Parent: Nick

Nick Rossi is enrolled in the Monday AM class with his son, and it's their first year at Little Wonders. He took some time to share his experience with Little Wonders with us:

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What were you hoping to get out of Little Wonders when you enrolled?   Our babe showed early signs of being very social, but he was spending most of his time at home. We thought he would thrive on regular interaction with a group of other children and adults. And he has!

How has the experience influenced you and your child?  Fathers don't have as many resources as mothers to draw on for parenting support. The moms' groups on the Internet are closed to us. So hearing the other parents at LW talk about their experiences, and seeing how their children play, put me at ease about the joys and challenges of our own child.

What's something that surprised you about your LW experience?  It was unnerving at first to let the little one out of sight during group or station time. I had never done that before! But at the end of class, another parent would tell me about what he was doing, and I would share what I had seen theirs up to. Those little interactions made it feel like a community.

Do you have a favorite LW tradition or memory?  In one class our little one crawled up behind another mom, leaned around to look her in the eye and flashed a big smile. And then he did it two more times to two other moms! I have no idea where he learned to do that. But he was clearly very comfortable with everyone.