Kid-Friendly Recipes that Make Parenting a Little Easier!

Written by Elisa

I don’t know about you, but as my baby has grown up, so have his taste buds! I have to get creative. Sound familiar? No doubt that each kid has a different palate and preferences. So you have to find what works for you, your kid, and your schedule. Here are some of my favorite sources and tips for kid-friendly recipes that make life a little easier.


How to make sure your baby drinks enough milk: When we gave our baby milk in a bottle, it was a piece of cake! He loved the bottle, he loved the snuggles, and he seemed to love the milk. Switch to the sippy cup now and we get a crazy look from our little one that says “How do you expect me to drink THAT?” And that is where we started with the simplest of shakes. We use the same milk and just blend it with a little banana and strawberry and - low and behold - he drinks the whole thing. We do not even bother with honey or sweeteners because the bananas (or whatever other fruit you want to use) sweeten the milk enough. My fussy eater website or Yummy Toddler Food has even more tips and recipes for kid-friendly shakes that you can use to introduce your child to new fruits, vegetables, and flavors. (And you can make these shakes ahead and use as needed).


How to give your kids sweets that are actually healthy: Let us be honest, it is not just the kids; we all want sweets! But how do we give our kids treats that are actually good for them? You know, the ones that still are loaded with fruits and use sweeteners that are made of wholesome, healthy ingredients. A personal favorite of mine, which you should follow on Instagram is Super Healthy Kids. Run by two moms (a dietician and a health educator), the site offers recipes such as Sugar Free Cookies, a 3 minute, 3-ingredient rice krispie treat (that does not include marshmallows) and other creative recipes. You will feel good offering your child treats with recipes like these!


How to get creative with vegetables: Gone are the days I could cook peas or broccoli and have my child gobble it down. Most things that are green are now frowned upon and treated as a foreign object. Thankfully, there are so many recipes out there that have good tips and suggestions for how to use vegetables creatively. Real Simple Magazine offers a great collection of recipes around getting vegetables to your children - in disguise. From cauliflower popcorn to hiding spinach in meatballs, these are good recipes that even the pickiest child might like.

Each kid is different so we would love to hear your other favorite tips on how to cook for your children!

Elisa and her first child, Andy, are new to Little Wonders. When not at work, Elisa can be found with her husband and son - possibly hiking, walking around the neighborhood, or at a park with their dog. If she has any free time on top of that, you might find her swimming, baking, or reading.