Little Wonders Parent: Daphne

This is the first in what we hope will be a series of posts about parents that attend Little Wonders.

Daphne currently has a 26 month-old daughter in Little Wonders, and joined the program in January 2018 after learning about it from a friend.

How has the Little Wonders experience influenced you and your child?

It's definitely given us a great community with which we can rely on for advice and support. Also for socialization, my child has more friends and I've got more friends with kids in a similar age group. I've also benefited much from the information on childhood development we've been given, LW has served me as great resource for questions and concerns in my child's development and I've learnt a ton!

What's something that surprised you about your LW experience?

I shouldn't be, but I'm always surprised how other families go through the same issues we face as a family. It's really nice to know you're not alone when your toddler refuses to sleep or throws major tantrums. It often feels like you're alone in your parenting journey but LW has proven to me that that is always never the case, all you need to do is ask another parent and there will surely be someone who will say, "YES that's us too and I GET IT"

Do you have a favorite LW tradition or memory?

I love the HUGE emphasis on handwashing at LW (before class, after play, etc). It's such a great habit and we've incorporated it in our house as well. My daughter readily washes her hands when we ask her now and we love it!