Goodbye from the 2017-2018 blog team!

Thank you so much to the 2017-2018 blog team!  We've had a lot of fun this year and each writer has shared about their time at Little Wonders below.

Unexpected Relationships

I decided to join Little Wonders last year because I wanted my daughter to have a chance to be around other kids, and I looked forward to the chance to socialize with and share ideas with other parents. We definitely have enjoyed those aspects of class! What I didn’t fully anticipate was how wonderful it would be for my daughter to develop relationships with the other adults, and for me to be able to share time with the other kids. My daughter now has not only a wonderful group of toddler playmates, but also a cohort of other adults whom she recognizes and trusts. I not only had the chance to meet and learn with the amazing other parents in our class, but also the privilege of spending time with the other kids - seeing them learn and grow and demonstrate their emerging personalities. It's incredible to be part of a community in which all of the children are cared for and adored. I’m so grateful to Teacher Maggie for facilitating such a welcoming environment and to the other parents and kids in our class for the friendship and support they have offered to my daughter and me. Little Wonders is such a special place!

-Emily Melahn

A Graduating Family

We are finishing up our 3rd and final year for our family at Little Wonders. (1 year with my older daughter, and 2 years with my younger one). I am going to miss it so much.  As Teacher Suzanne says, it is the cheapest therapy you will find! This could not be more true. The support and knowledge I received while here is unparalleled. Everything I know about parenting a toddler is from Little Wonders. I am so glad that I came back and did the afternoon class with my younger daughter. Its amazing how far the kids have come. When we were starting the program, I never would have believed my daughter would be able to watch and participate in teacher-led science experiments by the end! Little Wonders is the perfect first school experience for both parent and child. Little Wonders has the best teachers, the best toys, and the best Halloween party around! I am so grateful for our experience.

-Sandi Arata

A Supportive Community

We are so glad we found Little Wonders. We were recommended by a friend and I am so glad we joined this awesome community. This was our 1st semester and we're already looking forward to Summer classes & Fall. I've enjoyed seeing my daughter blossom in class - Teacher Mireille has been a joy! I love the parent discussions and hearing how in many instances I am not alone in my challenges as a parent. Teacher Mireille has always been so helpful and insightful with her advice and I've always felt reassured when I bring forward my concerns about parenting my 16 month old. We've also loved the events that Little Wonders organizes, which allows us to connect with other families and spend quality family time together with fun activities for our littles. So thankful for this little school! Can't wait to come back.

-Daphne Howe

A Working Parent's Perspective

What a year this had been! Although it was our first and only year at Little Wonders (since my twins age out of the program this summer), it has been such a joy to be part of such a wonderful program even for a short time.  I had always heard amazing things about Little Wonders, and when I found out that there was an option for working parents such as myself, I was thrilled to be able to join the Wednesday evening class. Over the year my twin boys have learned so much through Teacher Mireille’s carefully planned science experiments (look at all the different seed sizes!), art projects (mixing red and yellow paint makes orange!), and from playing and socializing with other kids their age. As a parent, I have loved the discussions, especially the ones about being a “good enough” parent in this world of ever-increasing parental pressures, and about all the ways we can encourage our kids to take healthy risks. It has also been wonderful to connect with our fellow Wednesday evening families socially, from Moms’ and Dads’ Nights Out to whole family meet-ups at Off The Grid. The connections we have made with Teacher Mireille and with our classmates will stay with us for years to come, and we will always treasure the memories of this amazing Little Wonders year.   

-Katie Jay

If you want to check out Little Wonders for you and your little one, please email or click here to schedule a visit.  The summer session starts the week of June 11th and the fall session runs from September to May. The class schedule can be found here.